Saturday, May 2, 2009


after long time not updating my blog i finally decided to update my blog by sharing with you all my scary experience which happened to me yesterday.......

i had a "date" with carmen yesterday; to play pool with her in 7th floor in college. it was around 8.50 this incident happpened. i was at the traffic beside summit on my way to carmen's house to pick her up. there was this IDIOT ASSHOLE BASTARD RETARDED F**KER!! who scare the shit out of me!!! his car was stopped beside me, he stepped on the accelerator to get my attention. stupid enough i looked at him.. and the next thing you know, he actually asked me to shut up by showing the sign with his index finger placed on his lips. WTF!!!!!!!! AND HE FUCKING GOT DOWN FROM HIS CAR!!!!! WTF MAN!!!! my heart was pounding damn fast; my face turned pale and my whole body became cold! my first instinct was OMG!!! HE'S GONNA ROB ME!!! I immediately took my bag away from the passenger sit and he was quite close to my car... then i was so scared that i started SLAMMING on my horn to create BIGGER ATTENTION... thank god the highway that i was at was full with cars and motorcyclist... so as i SLAMMED my horn, all the motorcyclist was looking at me... I HORNED AND POINTED AT THAT FUCKER FURIOUSLY!!!!! they jst look.. as usual... MALAYSIANS only will be KPC when a thing already happened and it's to late to help that person. but thank god THAT IDIOT didnt dare to do anything to me after i horned for a very long time... then when the traffic light turns GREEN, that ASSHOLE still dare to disturb me by manouvering his car to my side of the road to block me but he knows he couldnt block me for long so he ENDED up driving straight and i immediately turned right to carmen's housing area... then i saw a police car and a policeman. i immediately told him what happened and told him to drive around to find for this FUCKER... but i didnt make an official report because that FUCKER didnt do anything to me besides making me SCARED.... BY THE WAY!! HIS CAR NUMBER PLATE IS WLG 7602 WIRA DARK GREY/FLAT BLACK....OMG... AFTER THAT INCIDENT, i was trembling and shivering so badly that i couldnt talk properly to carmen when i was telling her what happened... MY HEAD WAS SPINNING AND I FELT LIKE VOMITING!! i was too frightened because i had a bad experience before when i was in form 4... i got robbed by a motorcyclist while i was on my bicycle with my fren.. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! WTF!!!! so better be careful WITH THAT IDIOT FUCKER ASSHOLE!!!!!