Monday, September 14, 2009

dreams come true...

one of my dreams was to drive up to genting with myvi... weird dream but yeah that was one of my dreams.. my another dream was to enter genting's casino one day... jst to experience and not to gamble... lolz.. -MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-

last friday 11 sept 2009 was the day i actually drove up to genting with my myvi with ah mei and ah heng in my car... first time driving to genting sure is pretty scary not to mention driving in the middle of the night.. i drove to genting about 2 am (after work)... crazy but exciting! ck, ah boey and shiau wei in one car, ah lai, ah kent, and ah hao in one car.

driving uphill + winding + curvy road for a first timer sure is scary and challenging as you need to play with your gear most of the time.. thank goodness i was driving auto and i must say that my car is fit enough to be able to drive up to genting and i was so proud of my car.. lolz. half way through the journey up ah lai almost bang me as he wanted to cut me in a one lane road... stupid fellar!! that was scary.. another scary thing happened was when ah lai's car almost fell into the drain cause he almost lost control of his car while driving on a sharp curve. gosh!! ah hao and ah kent were damn funny!! they stopped at the safe place and started cursing ah lai for his driving and making their balls shrinked!! AHAHHAHAHAHA!! omg.. then ah heng wanted to drink beer so ah kent and ah heng switched places. ah kent sat my car up.

then when we reached genting i was thankful that i reached there safely without a single scratch!! heheh.. so we were planning how to get into the casino as ah mei, shiau wei and me are underage. ah mei went to genting many times but she always fail to get in. so the 3 of us tried our luck. fyi... shiau wei failed everytime miserably when she tried to enter the casino..

so ah mei followed ah hao.. shiau wei followed ah heng and i followed ah boey. ah boey and i waited outside the entrance and checked whether the coast is clear... play safe ma... lolz. so ah mei and ah hao got to enter... then ah boey and i walk towards the entrance.. shiau wei and ah heng was in front of us... they got to enter so ah boey and i followed behind them. as we got to enter the guard stopped ah heng to check his ic then shiau wei dumbly stood there to wait for him then the guard sense something wrong and told the other guard to stop her from going in and then ah boey was smart enough to pull me in immediately.. lolz.. so yeah first time attempt and it was successful!! i got to enter the casino!! pity shiau wei.. that night she tried to enter 3 times with 3 different guys and 3 times she failed. so that totaled up to 5:5 failed... so she was alone after the 3rd attempt.

the casino is damn damn huge!! damn a lot of ppl and damn a lot of rich ppl also.. seeing them gambling was fun.. there were noisy gamblers, silent gamblers and kiasi gamblers.. all of the guys gambled and the girls stood beside them watching.. lolz. as in ah mei and me.

then the next scary part : driving downhill! if you cant control your car and if you hit the brakes many times to control your car, you might stop your car at the side because of the brake/rubber burnt smell. good thing i didnt use much of my brakes. ck taught me to play with my gear instead of using the brakes. now another best part. finding your way back. kinda used the wrong way back to one utama.. and i have to pay many tols. guess what... after finding my way back, i only reached their hostel at 6.35am... reached my house 7.00am.. slept 8.00 am... thank god i was working 2pm the next day.. but still i gotta wake up at 12pm.. gosh!! lesson learnt.. never to go genting with them if im not off the next day... because you'll end up being a zombee during work.. everyone was tired and blurr the next day.. many problems and mistakes done... but it was all a good experience..

p/s: carmen... i like the way the dealer handle the game/cards/chips... their hand movement is fast and smooth.. lolz.. miss you!!