Thursday, October 1, 2009

sushi zanmai life...

i've been working in sushi zanmai, one utama since march til 28th september... became an assistant captain from 16th april til last monday.... working in sushi zanmai brings me joy and happiness.... that is why i felt so depressed knowing that im gonna leave soon... anyway, i shall post some pictures.... (as you know, im an IT idiot. that is why i dun post pictures in my blog always but i shall try)

this was taken during my surprise birthday celebration :

my birthday cake bought by them

from left - right : Ck (asst manager, me, ah yian phillip, ah mei, shiau wei and janet)

from right - left : me, shiau wei, ah yian, ck, ah mei, azman, janet

hello it's us again =)

the super trio aka charlie and his angels : shiau wei, CK and me!! (lolz!!)
p/s: yes, im lucky to have an assistant manager who is crazy and fun! that's why i enjoy working there with him..

this was taken during sushi zanmai 1st annual dinner :

super dining, group of japanese restaurant 1st annual dinner in one world hotel..


ah mei and me
(ah mei is the one whom i mentioned in my previous blog that she's my closest fren in zanmai)

ah yian and me
(ah yian is like my youngest sister whom i can always talk to if ah mei is not around or when she's not available to talk to.. ah mei got bf ma... ya know what i mean)

ming and me
(he is a chef who has experienced working in this line for 5 years. he is also like ma brader.. hahahha)

my fnb general manager : jon san and me
(when you see him first thing for you to do is =D.. please... or else he will ask you why arent you smiling? having a bad day? )

my colleague : jack /asst manager zanmai pyramid : alvin / and me
(jack is like my sai lou in sushi zanmai at first but after some issues we're no longer that close but still i dunno why i sometimes still care about him...)

this is actually my second time wearing dress.... and the 2nd dress i wore which is to the annual dinner is too sexy for me.. so not used to it.. but have to wear it also cause got no dress to wearfor this special occassion.. but turns out i do look ok.. not as bad as i thought.. BUT I STILL LOOK FAT!!

thanks to Sianny.. my wild, crazy, fun, close fren in sushi zanmai.. i miss you too!! muaxxx!!) she's the one who lend me the dress and the bag and did the make up for me... so nice of her! muaxx!!

having the thought of leaving all my love ones in sushi zanmai is really heart breaking... but i really have no choice if i wanna do good in my future... that is why after the annual dinner aka my last day, ah mei and i ended up in tears.. the pictures taken outside the ballroom are mostly taken while im still tearing.. good thing not so obvious... i really miss and love them so much... until now im actually still thinking of them... the ups and downs we all go through during work and after work... the gossips about all the customers we're facing everyday... omg.. i miss those times.... and now...

im the youngest in my new company... but i'm glad that i get to clique well with most of colleagues there... so although some may heard about my first day experience in FM is not really a good one, but i think i can be sure now that i might be ok as i get used to it.. jst need to give me some time to learn and adapt to my new working industry and my new lifestyle.. so wish me all the best!!

and to all my sushi zanmai frens!!!! i love and miss you all so so very much!!!!!!!!!