Sunday, November 15, 2009

LIfe in Freight Management

How's my new job and my new lifestyle now? Many of you will ask... Answer:-

I had hell lots of hard time to adapt to my new lifestyle and to love my job at first. I believe everyone will or had gone through this stage of life. It was hard. The first day of work i came home hating my job and unsure with what i want, whether to continue or to quit. As time past, I told myself; Im not born to be a quiter. I just cant quit my job so fast. Im still learning. I have to be patient so I stayed on and continued learning to love my job. People dun born in bed of roses just like that. I believe for those who did, will go through tough obstacles in life as well.

So now im growing and starting to adapt to my new lifestyle. Learnt how to smile and laugh every single day in office. Thanks to my manager, Wendy and my other colleagues whom Im getting closer with. I know I've complaint going through office politics issues but I've learnt to ignore and be deaf when facing these issues. They are there to bring you down and it is only you who can lift yourself up. Easy to say hard to do but if you really try hard, you can.

So fast 1 month life in Freight Management past. got closer with my colleagues. We actually went out for a trip together to ipoh on the 7th and 8th of November. Cant believe Im saying this, but I had LOTS of fun going out with them. Im the youngest in FM; The mei mei of FM. Not gonna explain much. Will let the pictures speak for themselves. You decide and you judge. Whether I had fun or not.. hahahhahaa...


Mandy, Wendy, Lyn, Lee Hong & Christine

All my JIEJIES. hehehe..

I was the only one who could withstand the hot water, dipped for damn long.. and the outcome of it>>>>>

Our beautified feet. It's obvious which one is my foot rite? hahahhaha!! HALF COOKED.
Human foot for main course anyone??

Posing for the camera before boiling the eggs. The water was 90C-100C. DUN PRAY PRAY ar..

ME peeling the egg shell. Mandy saving the shell from breaking to pieces. IN SHOCK! hahaha!!

And the results of boiling eggs with hotspring water>> Egg yolk turns out to be in BRIGHT sun yellow colour. DAMN NICE!!

Forget about the model. Focus on the egg... hahahha..

Love this picture. We were not near each other. Wendy took it in an angle which makes all of us look close. CUTE!!

All of my JIEJIES and me....

Posing for the cameraman to take picture. Thank you PAK CIK!


JAMES, colleague from FM Ipoh. Stayed over at his place.
Picture taken in the pub where we all got COCK STARED! because of how we dressed up to the pub. But HELL!! I dun give 2 shits about them as long as WE ALL HAD A BLAST!!!! We were the only one dancing while others jst drink their hearts out.. (NOT FUN AT ALL)

US. After the shower looking fresh the next morning after the long.... night..! *Ching*

Mandy, Christine, Lee Hong and me. NICE...

Natural pose picture taken by Wendy.. Love her photography skills. Taken with DIGITAL CAMERA!!

Even I had lots of fun, i still had things going through my mind. ZOOM in to see what i wrote in the WHITE BOX in the picture.

Overall the trip was fun! It was my first time going out with all the JIEJIES and KOR KOR. Trust me, you will never know how crazy we can be. Especially those JIEJIES..
**Would like to give credits to WENDY, LEE HONG AND MANDY for taking most of our pictures during the trip, to all the JIEJIES and KOR KOR for taking good care of me during the trip and ensuring Im alright and had lots of fun! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!