Wednesday, June 17, 2009

F!n@77y UpD@+3D.. lolz

so yeah... here i am updating my blog... because someone asked me to do so.. i saw her yesterday and today.. and she never fails to ask me to update my blog... so here i am... lolz... LAME..

firstly, i would like to answer questions which are frequently asked by everyone:

a) Eh?! You finished your studies ad ar??

answer>> YES... graduated in december....

b) Aren't you gonna continue your studies??

answer>> I WANT TO... but i cant...

c) Why not take scholarship??

answer>> how much can it help me?? NOT MUCH

d) Why not take loan??

answer>> i cant really afford to pay back my loan cause i'm working now to pay off for my car installment every month now which is rm757/mth.. so i doubt i could afford to pay back loans...

e) Are you gonna be in Zanmai for good?

answer>> i doubt i'll be there forever but at the moment that's what in my mind... as long as i have the money to pay for my car.. BUT if i have a better offer obviously i will leave zanmai..

today after work, i went to jeth's cafe to celebrate esther's birthday with ameleen, whay lyn, yee lin and eng huat... lolz... and yeah!! ESTHER'S BACK!! HEHEHEH... unfortunately i have to work while she's back here in malaysia... it wont be like last time when i was jobless and lifeless and spent most of my time hanging out with them.... haihh....

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