Monday, June 22, 2009

Near Death +__+ experience!! i*&^%#* DAY!!!

have you ever face anything so serious that you might think that you'll die at that very moment?? after facing it wat was your reaction? did you maintain your ego and say you're ok but you're actually not or did you cry cause the fear in you has fought through your egoness?

well, i faced a near death situation on last saturday while driving to work..

i should tell you this : the last saturday was not my day.. it was a really unlucky day for me!!


so before heading to work (still at home) my dad was checking my car and then he said my car front left tyre puncture.. so drove to the nearest tyre shop to check all my tyre.. that particular tyre has nail in it that's why it has no air! wtf.. so i was supposed to go early to work on that day because i was supposed to teach a new staff HOW TO WORK IN ZANMAI (i had to bold it.. dun ask why) so they patched bck the tyre for me and after checking all 4 tyres, they told me the rear tyre is not so good ad... it has no "flower" ad.. so i asked how much.. it's rm100+ /tyre.. no thanks. i'll change it when have the money later..


I was driving to work as usual, using KESAS highway(rm2.20 tol) then cut through the way to subang airport to go to NKVE highway(rm1.00 tol) REMEMBER I SAID IT WAS RAINING..

after reaching NKVE highway, i needed to go to the exit to damansara to go to ONE UTAMA and this is what happened.. that exit road is quite winding.. there's grass along the road.. so when it rain, the road will be slippery.. this time i was not speeding.. somehow i got lost control of my car while driving at a corner.... the back of my car swung itself to the right and i had to steer my car to right and make it straight again.. IT WAS A PRETTY BAD IDEA!! MY CAR STARTED TO SWIRL LEFT TO RIGHT AND IN FRONT OF ME THERE WAS A JAM BEHIND OF ME THERE WAS A LADY DRIVER!! WTF!! i maintained calm and tried to get back in control of my car again... and it became worst as well.. my car started to move itself left and right quickly and this is when i started to panic because i was so close to hit the cars in front of me with the speed of my car was going, i might have died in the crash.. i felt there was an angel or a guardian right beside me when i finally got controlled of my car.. i was <-> close to bang the car in front of me.. and i was lucky that it was a lady driver behind of me. if it was a maniac guy driver driving behind of me i swear to... i would have jst died on the spot with fatal head injury...

the lady driver drove beside my car to look at who is this bitch driving and gave her a shock early morning.. she looked at me i was very embarrassed to look at her but i took a glance and said sorry... i was lucky that she's not those lady who will start cursing and scolding.. I was shocked i called up Ah Mei my closest fren in Zanmai but couldnt get through her cause she was working so called up esther.. and i was shivering while i told her about it.. shit i tell you.. when i reached zanmai, my face was pale, my hands were cold, and i was still in shock. i couldnt talk and couldnt work. after that i jst sat down and then got up to told ah mei about it and sat down again to relax before i start work.. and i thought i would be fine after that... before reaching zanmai....


i was walking towards the entrance from the open carpark.. walked beside a puddle of water... and a driver at that particular time jst have to drive through the puddle and make the water splash at my pants.. why when i had a long walk beside dry land he dun want to drive beside me but only at the moment when i walked past that particular puddle you jst have to drive beside me... damn it...


i was taking my favourite regulr customer's order and i was using PDA... i thought i have keyed in A6 which is the table she was sitting.. after a long time, when A2 customer paying, he realised that he didnt order garlic rice small and gyuniku enoki roll twice.. to me that order was really familiar but it didnt ring a bell that it was actually A6 order.. as i said i thought i keyed into A6 so i thought they got their order already.. then i was furious at the ppl at the back section for taking wrong order or keying order for the wrong table.. then when my colleague told me that A6 was asking for their garlic rice, it rang the biggest bell in me. i checked the system to see who keyed in the order and was bad enough to see my name in big capital letter beside the order... WTF!!! I had to apologise to everyone and the customer for making them wait so log.. thank god their order was done quickly and sent to them... later we had to give them a complimentary dessert.... haihh... it's so not my day.. i thought i have pressed A6 before keying in the order... wtf...


During closing, the floor was wet, my shoes are flat have pretty worn off... so it was very slippery.. i took a tray of disposed sushis and walked towards the BAR to throw it... and the next best thing happened.. i jst had to fall right in front of my colleague includings some of the chefs on my BUTT!!! wtf... and when i tried to get up i fell again... i was so mad at myself and mad at everything because of whatever things happened to me today... i threw the tray, took my bag slammed the locker's door and walked out and talked to ah mei and burst out crying... i couldnt stand it... then i called Paulina to talk to her about it... cried and cried.... and then told her that i still owe the bank money... was really stressful about what is happening to me these days... found out that my dad have nose cancer, my grandma is going through her chemotheraphy and doing good... thank god... and my mom's company is a SHITASSFUCKINGMORON company.. make my mom work so hard yet they dun pay her her salary on time.. she still havent get her another half od april's pay and may's pay... WTF!! and she told me she quit that job but i have no idea why she still goes to work everyday... haihhh... my life is going through a lot of obstacles now...


came back from work, got into my room, and it was SO DIRTY!! EVERYWHERE WAS FILLED WITH HAIR AND DUST!! argggghhhh!!!!! and the worst part... MY SISTER USED MY LAPTOP AND DIDNT PLACE IT BACK ON THE TABLE AND YET SHE JST LEFT IT THERE ON MY BED!!! WTF!!!!!! I LOCKED MY DOOR BEFORE THEY BREAK INTO MY ROOM, TOOK MY THINGS TO USED AND THEN LEFT IT IN HER FREN'S HOUSE!! PUT PASSWORD FOR MY LAPTOP SHE COMPLAINED ABOUT IT!! TOLD HER I DO SO CAUSE THEY DIDNT OBEY WHAT I SAID YET HAD ALREADY CROSS MY LIMIT!! AND THEN SHE CAN FUCKING TELL ME BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID SHE'S BEEN GOING OUT A LOT!! WTF!!! WHEN I DIDNT PUT PASSWORD YU STILL FUCKING GO OUT EVERYDAY!!!! DUN FUCKING PUT THE BLAME ON ME WHEN YOU GO OUT YOURSELF ALL THE TIME!!! HOUSEWORK DUN DO LET POPO DO EVERYTHING AND YOU STILL HAVE THE HEART TO JST GO OUT LIKE THAT!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!??!! i was so mad and frustrated with everything i jst throw my frustration by punching her door.... my hand was not painful but her door cracked... AS I SAID DUN PISSED ME OFF OR YOU'LL SEE THE DARK SIDE OF ME!!! DAMN IM PISSED WITH HER!!!!! i shall not mention which sister.. those who are close to me would know.... living in this house brings not much happiness but give me more burden... CANT RELY ON ANYONE ESPECIALLY MY SIBLINGS in this house... only my brother listens to me... which im very thankful... cant really rely on my parents now cause they are also going through hard times now..

i jst have to stand STILL on my own feet now... i have to brace myself to go through this obstacles... as CK said... there would be a time when one may face every single problem coming to you day by day... jst have to pray more now... lolz.... it wont come to you at one go but it will come to you slowly... that's what i hate... relieve that is over but stress when it returns...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

F!n@77y UpD@+3D.. lolz

so yeah... here i am updating my blog... because someone asked me to do so.. i saw her yesterday and today.. and she never fails to ask me to update my blog... so here i am... lolz... LAME..

firstly, i would like to answer questions which are frequently asked by everyone:

a) Eh?! You finished your studies ad ar??

answer>> YES... graduated in december....

b) Aren't you gonna continue your studies??

answer>> I WANT TO... but i cant...

c) Why not take scholarship??

answer>> how much can it help me?? NOT MUCH

d) Why not take loan??

answer>> i cant really afford to pay back my loan cause i'm working now to pay off for my car installment every month now which is rm757/mth.. so i doubt i could afford to pay back loans...

e) Are you gonna be in Zanmai for good?

answer>> i doubt i'll be there forever but at the moment that's what in my mind... as long as i have the money to pay for my car.. BUT if i have a better offer obviously i will leave zanmai..

today after work, i went to jeth's cafe to celebrate esther's birthday with ameleen, whay lyn, yee lin and eng huat... lolz... and yeah!! ESTHER'S BACK!! HEHEHEH... unfortunately i have to work while she's back here in malaysia... it wont be like last time when i was jobless and lifeless and spent most of my time hanging out with them.... haihh....