Monday, December 29, 2008


lol... i jst have to put "LATEST UPDATE AFTER SOMETIME" as my title cause it's been a while since i last updated my blog... omg... so many things have been going on around me... after finals was fun, crazy, tiring, pokkai-ing, and wild times to go through...

19th dec 2008, friday

went to GENTING with carmen, josephine, max, kevin, and sim. we paid extra rm6 fpr express pass and it's so DAMN worth it man.... ppl are like queuing up and cursing us when they saw us cut line... (who told you all dun wanna buy express pass??? lol.. not our lost, it's your lost. too bad... mr sim was the one who made us laugh all the time like sohai man!! especially when we were riding the pirate ship.. gosh.. he was not shouting like how NORMAL ppl would shout. he was ROAAARRRING like a dinasour!! and max; walao.. before the ride started he ad screamed like a girl!! gosh! created so many attention... you can hear all the laughter and tsk tsk tsk from other ppl.. so what???!! they were all dead sitting the rides without screaming/shouting. we were jst trying to have fun! omg.. and kevin.... after teacup with max, he couldnt even walk straight.. spin like sohais even before the ride started. you should be there to know how hard carmen, jo and i were laughing!! that was briefly about genting outing.

20th dec 2008, sat

got my mention... was very satisfied with what i've got. got very honourable pass. it's what i aimed for cause i know i didnt study hard/smart enough for my finals. hey.. but i didnt better compared to my other terms which i normally will get 13.something only ok? lolz.. went to pyramid after that.. went had lunch with carmen, max, josephine, kevin, eugene, steven, jenna, janice, shanny in zanmai. then played cards can say the whole afternoon til evening. then later to avril's dad shop in taman tun for seafood (group 1 gathering with lecturers : hans, nicole, carmen, tsuey kuan, chun min, jack, suk yin, suyin, sim, avril, and me with mr patrick and ms jasmine) in the night with carmen, jack, tsuey kuan, and chun min. go eat in restaurant muhibbah seafood in taman tun. very nice seafood there!! then continue with our gathering to avril's house with snacks, wine and champagne.. thank you ms jasmine and uncle for the lovely wine and champagne and food... thank you avril for inviting me/us..

21st dec 2008, sun

official day of shifting to new house.. YES PPL!! i shifted to bukit tinggi 2! no longer in my old house ad.. and yes to those who keep on asking me to invite them to my open house... i will invite you all.. no worries! jst that dunno when only! jst dun worry k? i'll make sure i buy extra credit to sms you all and prepare more food since got more ppl will come..lolz! been busy cleaning my house and unpacking all the things and arranging and moving things all around.. gosh... tiring la!! then some more damn sad.. new house got no internet connection.. so that explains why i didnt update my blog for a long time rite?? i HAVE to go to CC to go online ok?!?! damn sad man... mommy...... faster apply for line... i wanna go online at home not CC.. no privacy... sobs... :'(

22nd dec 2008, mon

esther came back!!!!!!! woohoo!!! time to go out and spend more money!! pokai-ing session begins!! but then all for good stuff also ok!? get to go out makan.. my hobby.. jln2 cari makan with esther and kepochis.. ehhehehe!! had karaoke session with gee, whay lyn, ameleen, whay lyn, ah kang and 'shim' in green box. went there with hopes of seeing kelvin.. unfortunately, he's not there.... so damn sad... but nvm.. whay lyn got new target ad!! lol!! then walao.. note to everyone.. if you all planning to go green box, aeon, bukit tinggi, til 3a.m. please park your car nearer to the loading bay... OMG!!!!!!! esther and i walked pass the loading bay to our car for 3 times!! damn tiring man!! it's like walking half around jj outside to our car.. CRAZY!!! so please be wiser to park nearer to the loading bay next time k?

24th dec 2008, wed

went to esther's place for christmas eve party.. a lot of food (turkey and homemade lasagna from her mom... yumm!!! c'est delicioux) went there with peoy gee, wei sze and yee lin. others aka whay lyn went clubbing and ameleen i think celebrated with her qing ai de lao gong... so only three of us.. talked and laughed and ate and watched all the time.. sang a while also.. family christmas carolling at 12a.m! MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!! lol.. fun fun fun!!

25th dec 2008, thurs

had dinner with my juniors and their couples.... good thing tiffany was with me so not so bad... still got someone to be my couple if not i'll be some lamp post for both couples.... went out with e-jinn, daniel, serene, vincent and tiffany aka gloria sung.. sorry... hehehe... had dinner in tgif, pyramid.. OMG!!! if anyone were to go out with tiffany please be prepared to laugh all the time with her craziness... you jst have to bare with it... love her for being crazy!! make me laugh laugh laugh... love serene and e-jinn, my darlings for inviting me for dinner... thank you so much.... view pictures please click here ...had a great time with you all... unfortunately when you all went home, i was emo cause i miss my college frens a lot and also all my kepochis.... i felt bored after dinner... im a loner.. so damn sad.... after send serene back, i went home and pick up my sister and ying zhi to teman me to go cyber.. only went home at 3.45a.m from 12a.m. love this CC near my house cause the connection is damn fast and no lag and the computer screen is so big!!! good for blind ppl like me.. hehe..

26th dec 2008, fri

went out with esther to sungai wang to see ah kang's brother singing competition... then had window shopping session with ah kang after the competition... felt sorry for his brother cause he didnt get through the next round.. the reason was his voice was not good (ppl got sore throat la) and outfit not nice.... wtf!?!? like that comment also can... swt man.... pity his brother.. nvm.. got family support.. after that they actually went out together.. lol.. esther and me walked to pavilion from sungai wang to shop there.. as usual i always ended up not buying anything wan.. esther bough a bag and top from FOREVER21. got sales now so nice to shop... *not so much for me* then had dinner in fridays again... esther wanted to eat her JD grilled chicken.. so accompany her lo.. then when paying bill... esther suddenly said OMG!!! i thought what happened... then she was like i only spend _ _ pounds for this lovely, fulfilling dinner.... LOLZ! when you're in UK, everything is expensive! so it's different when you convert Pound to Ringgit and shop in Malaysia.. it's like wow.... you're rich over a night..

27th dec 2008, sat

official day, steven went back to Vietnam... IM GONNA MISS YOU STEVEN!!!!!!!! went to KLIA with carmen, josephine, max and kevin. met andrew, janice, jenna, fer lin and shanny there.. we had to lie to steven saying that we all couldnt make it on time cause got accident... heheehe... wanna surprise him ma... then that andrew damn smart!! asked him where are they he said in front of mcdonalds... yes he was in front of mcd but it was few miles away ok?!?! (ok... exaggerated..lolz) ended up also steven scolded us for lying to him about accident and all... lol!! we love you so wanna surprise you ma... chills.... selyna the driver sure everything ok wan... *coughcough* then his flight is at 2.45... damn sad... had to see him leave... but he'll be back on february!! yeah!!! then after that went back to college a while.. the head to segafreddo for drinks and food!! and then as usual.. we played cards instead of talking to each other.. LOLZ!! BIG 2 aka CHOR DAI TI rox!!!! then accompanied kevin, max, carmen, mommy aka audrey and josephine to sunway club for swim.. BUT!! jo and i didnt swim.. we didnt wanted to so became the nanny to take care of their things while they swim.. jo and i talked.. had nanny chatting session... LOLz!! then went straight to klang seafood centre to meet up with esther and her family, gee and her sister, and wei sze for seafood.... esther's parents belanja... thank you so much aunty and uncle!! sorry for being late again.... then supposed to go CC after that but i was too tired and sleepy so slept off.. hehehe...

28th dec 2008, sun

today whole day went out with mom to shop for stuff for the new house... asked mom to buy me a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L BUTTERFLIES PRINTED mug that i found as x-mas present and she did!!! thank you so much mommy.. muaxx!! then i bought another one for someone... ;D then spent the whole day cleaning my house again.. re-arranged my furniture in my room... now my room looks 10x bigger!!! so nice!!!! looks empty but good also.. got space for frens to sleepover!!! hehhee ... then at 12 im here in cyber checking facebook and reading blogs and updating my blog... hehee...

p/s: so sorry for the long long long post with no pictures again... as i said.. no camera... so faham2 aje la... ok?? now you all know why i was MIA for so long... HAPPY HOLIDAY TO Y'ALL PEEPS!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! MUAXX!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

MGS Primary Alumni Gathering

14th december 2008, SUNDAY - i had the alumni gathering in windmill, aeon bukit tinggi. had lots of laughter and nice food there.. my bunch of crazy seniors were there.. really really nice that i got to meet most of them again after so so so long... got shocked when i saw estina and esther changed. both got long hair now.. wow... after so so long i know them with short hair finally got long hair.. wow..

and i found out that most teachers remember me because of my omg evil "twin" younger sister.. she has quite a good/bad reputation in school among all the teachers.. lol... happy for her that she got 4a's for UPSR eventhough i dun see her holding any books.. lol...

me : hi pn flora! can remember me?? wow you can remember me ar? teacher.. you still can
pn flora : hello!! *close eyes* you are siew rite? you have sisters rite? sze yie and another one?
me : sze chie..
pn flora : oh yeah.. sze yie look exactly like you but sze chie dun look like you all.
me : yeah she looks like my mom. wow... not bad huh teacher still can remember me.. LOL
pn flora : LOL..

many teachers also had the same reaction when i said im sze lyn.. oohhh!! your sister is sze yie ar?! look like you la! lol..... (omg to me.....)

teachers who went : pn. flora, pn. peh, pn. giam, pn. rajamal, pn. irene, pn. chan.

seniors who went which i can remember their name. (so sorry to those i cant really remember) : shoba (soon to be english teacher.. LOL!!), subhatra, sharmala, lisa ann, sheela, jo anne, sian yee, mun wah, ya chin, estina, mai woon, ming choi, mun khea, esther, sze lin, sze huey, mei fang, juliana lim, wei yin, hui wan, siow yin, hawa, wei wei, doralisa, and many more.

my batch : calesta, rebecca chua, charrisa terrance, maizatul, shuhaida, thaqifah, and my other two malay frens which i cant really remember their names. sorry jgn marah...

my juniors : paulina, melissa, michelle, clarissa, bain, and some more i forgotten their names.. so so sorry...

so this are roughly the list of ppl which i can remember their names. there are a lot more who went but i jst cant remember their names..

really had a great day..


Jo Anne (JELLYFISH) and Me (Siew Pao)

Michelle, Clarissa, Me and Calesta

im waiting for more pictures to upload.. waiting for seniors and juniors who brought their camera that day.. i dun have a camera.. so sad rite?? haihh.. wat to do.. thanks to that idiot who stole my camera in jonker street, melaka when i had holiday with kepochis in melaka.. sobs... :(

Thursday, December 11, 2008

tagged post II & III


#1> i hate ppl rushing me to get ready when they are the one who got up late and called me up late.. and not forgetting keep on asking me to be faster faster when im done they are still asking me to wait a while need to take this and that and go toilet all... WTF... (talking about someone related to me.. especially my mom) damn pissing off!!

#2> i dun like ppl who are inconsiderate... for eg. smoking in the restaurant when i am busy enjoying my food yet have to inhale the damn smoke!! wtf...

#3> i hate it when i ad put signal light to cut into another lane and ppl dun wanna give way til make me nearly bang their car... marder!! they cut ppl can but dun let ppl cut them... so wtf!!

#4> i hate the fact that im putting on weight so damn easy yet cant put off weight jst like that.. it's annoying to me...

#5> i get annoyed very easily when i say something and ppl talk something different about it and put the blame on me... my grandma..

#6> i get annoyed with my siblings easily when they act deaf and dumb when i ask them to help me or do something...

#7> dun force me to do something when i already say NO... hate being force...



#1 > A NEW PHONE... sony ericsson c908 or iPhone....

#2 > GYM MEMBERSHIP... for me to workout and lose weight...

#3 > AFTER LOSING WEIGHT WANT MORE CLOTHES AND JEANS AND SHOES AND DRESS.. yes... if i lose weight i want DRESS.. you didnt read wrong i didnt type wrong..

#4 > NEW BEDROOM SET!!!!! i dun want my mom's old bedroom set but i think i have no choice..

#5 > A DISPLAY CUPBOARD!! for me to put nice interesting stuff in it for me to see it everyday in my boring new room....

#6 > Im into cute and nice designs MUG, CUPS AND GLASSWARE.. getting old interest change...



#9 > CASH


(#11 >) COMPANION FOR LIFE.. bf or gf... this wan?? hard to come true.. haihhh.....

**UPDATE** >> i want white gold / silver accessories.... thanks to sis for mentioning about white gold... i jst realised i dun have one.... sobs... need a guy to get me.. rich?? get me one please and thank you.. LOL...

M@JOR UPD@+3!!!

it's been a long time since i last updated my blog.... was busy with shifting and studying... yes.. many ppl asking me why did i chose to shift during my finals... well the answer is :

1> i forgotten that my finals starts on the 10th dec, i thought it starts on the 15th dec....(dumb rite?? i know..)

2> my aunt said 7th is the best day to shift in the prayer's table (san thoi) to the new house... so when doing so, my dad ask me to shift in other things as well.. since my finals is "NEXT WEEK" i said ok..

3> the faster i move the faster i get to go holiday with my frens and dun have to rush cause next year first intake for higher diploma is 5th jan (damn freaking early) i finish my finals on the 18th, probably might go out with college frens from 21st -23rd, working in zanmai (maybe only if i have the time) then others left to spend time with esther, siew-lynn, and the rest of the kepochis. so do the calculation of days i have before class starts.
on the 7th i have to stay in the new house for at least a day.. all of us (including my aunts and cousins stayed overnight there) walao!! i tell you... i can play with my aunt uno stacko til 1 something in the morning from 9 something. got addicted to the game.. i keep on winning when playing with my cousin and aunt but lost to my aunt. guess she got more steady hands. i tried my best but haihh... failed... quite nice la sleeping in my room on the mattress. some more that night raining so is cooling.. heheh...

yesterday damn unlucky!! not so lucky day.. first, while walking to college from carpark i almost trip on the road.. then nvm, ate breakfast with my junior, serene while waiting for ms e-jinn. then went for class. then after revision class studied in the library then took my results at 4 something then continued studying. then around 5 or 6 something decided to go back to continue studying. to my horror!!!! my HALF OF MY TYRES WERE IN THE WATER!! FLOODED!!! THEN when i walked to my car walao... flood til knee length. went to my car i saw my car enter water... shit!!! cant go back gotta push my car to the higher ground. then after hanging up my call with stephanie OMG!!! my phone dropped into the flooded water!! WTF!!! dah la i needed my phone at that moment!! OMG!! panic shit.. thank god stephanie, kang and his frens came down to accompany me.. thank you!! then when i dropped i know damn yeng!! i still can call josephine.. then she came down to check on me.. thank you so much jo... muaxxxxxx.... can get electricuted. but dun care la! still can sms ppl also.. yeng rite?? LOL.. then after that, i managed to drive my car!! PHEW! on my way home, saw so many accidents. horror.. then when reached back home i rushed like mad pack this and that to go over to my new house. when i went over to my new house. walao... my mom not there!!! house so dark and i got no keys!! AND I CANT CALL CAUSE NO PHONE!! good thing sis (paulina) was at home when i went to her house. shit.. i broke down in front of her when my mom told me not staying over in the new house and i wasted my time packing and driving to the new house. my time is precious since finals starts today! stress!!! thank you so much sis for being there for me... really needed you that time.

today! FINALS!! using my sister's extra phone.. not really sure how to use it so when entered the exam hall i switched off my phone.. happily doing my paper cause first time i managed to write a lot suddenly A PHONE RANG!! i was like cursing in my heart who da hell didnt out the phone on silent!??! wtf man!! then when i saw the lecturer looking at me and others looking at me i looked down... wtf... i saw my phone moving(vibrating) then i was like SHIT!!! i thought i switched of my phone!?!?!??! *^@%#$^%$!!! then i was like wtf!! someone called!! then i hang up and switched off my phone again... WTF!!!! IT RANG AGAIN!!!!! CAN hear many ppl is like tsk tsk tsk there... omg... damn swt... until the lecturer asked me to switch off my phone which i already did!! so i got damn pissed with the damn phone!! i removed the damn battery and jst dump it on the floor.. wtf... sorry guys.. then that max!! walao scare me... said what if the phone still rings when take of the battery ad like one miss call?!?! WTF!!! I'LL STRAIGHT AWAY THROW THE PHONE OUT OF THE WINDOW MAKE SURE IT DIES!! then during second paper fnb... walao.... didnt bring my phone in with me cause scared ad.. so i removed the battery and put it in my bag.. while doing paper i suddenly cough and cough and cough nonstop.. OMG!! distracting others again... really damn unlucky!! dah la when i coughed i couldnt breathe and my knowledge jst gone like that.. wtf.. so yes!! i did stupid mistakes in my paper.. pissing off man!! haihhh..... nvm... dun bother ad... that's my story... unlucky days...